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Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust System for Porsche 981 Boxster / 981 Cayman

Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust System for Porsche 981C Cayman


To make this system valvetronic you will need Wireless Valvetronic Kit Part No. P-HF738.
Allows the driver to choose between a sporty deep sound and a regular sound with a simple push of a button inside the car

*If the factory stock system does not have integrated exhaust valves, the wireless kit is mandatory.
If the factory stock system has integrated exhaust valves (the Porsche sport exhaust), no wireless kit is needed.


Porsche 981 Boxster 2012
Porsche 981C Cayman 2013

Engineers have spent months developing a Slip-On exhaust system that takes the driving experience to a completely new level. This fully titanium exhaust system with three muffler configurations saves weight at the rear axle, additionally enhancing the handling with more power and torque gained with improved gas-flow dynamics, reduced back pressure, and a more linear power curve. Power gains are especially noticeable in the mid range. All these pluses are rounded off by a thoroughly pleasing sound note. Thanks to the dual-mode exhaust flap system, the "cat-back" Slip-On enhances the unmistakably deep resonant sound of Akrapovič. Either you leave it to the car's ECU to choose the noise level, or you select it yourself by pressing the button of the optional Wireless Kit when it's time to experience the passion.

警告! それは重量級の製品です。
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