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Castrol optimol paste TA for screw connections - 100g

Castrol optimol paste TA (100g)
Silver-colored high temperature paste for screw connections

OPTIMOL PASTE TA for screw connections up to + 1100°C/+ 2012°F. It is used as assembly paste and
prevents seizing, welding or scaling. OPTIMOL PASTE TA ensures a good separating and sealing effect in high temperature and wet environments as well as under the influence of aggressive media.

• For assembly of components subjected to corrosion, extreme temperatures and unfavorable environments such as
- screws, bushes and valves
- flanged joints and threaded tube connections
- positive-locking components
- seals, stuffing boxes and packaging
- light metal/steel friction surfaces
• As basic or thin film lubrication for sliding surfaces under high thermal loads
• Temperature application range - 40°C/-40°F to +1100°C / +2012°F

• high load carrying capacity
• resistant to hot and cold water
• immediate lubricating effect
• economical in use
• limited resistance to alkalis and acids
• good corrosion protection
• good separation ability

Technical Specifications:
• NLGI 2
• British Timken Classification DIN 51825
• Classification K2K-30
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