258,55 € (TVA Incl.)

Brey Krause Side Mount Brackets - Right Side and Left side. Porsches 996 / Boxster

Brey Krause Race Seat Side Mount Brackets For OMP HTE Seats- Right Side and Left side (for manual stock sliders) - 996/986

For Mounting to OEM Porsche Manual Sliders: 996, 986

Material: 11 gauge, type 304, stainless steel
Finish: Powder-coated in durable black wrinkle-finish
Weight: 4 lbs.
Models: Model R-9751 secures OMP-HTE Seats to Passenger's side. Use R- 9751 for driver's side and passenger side.
Installation: Adapts OMP-HTE Seats to 996/986 factory sliders or can be used with BK's R-9044 assembly.
Miscellaneous: Seat mount kits provide an inboard seat belt mount.
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