340,86 € (hors TVA)

Alternator Fan / Impeller. Porsche 911 1978-89 / 930 Turbo 1975-77


Replace your old or worn 11 blade alternator fan with our EPS Performance replacement. A worn fan can cause premature damage to the alternator. On some older cars, this fan is an upgrade which improves cooling and engine temperature. The additional blades allow for increased airflow. Balanced and true, this fan will far outlast the failure prone fans. Made of high strength Aluminum with a Drop Forged Steel hub.

11-Blade Alternator Fan / Impeller (245mm Diameter), 3.25" Diameter Pulley,(also replaces 5 bladed fan) 911 (1980-89)

If your Porsche is fitted with a 226mm Alternator Fan you will need to upgrade to the 245mm fan and also buy a new fan housing Part No. 93010600600/1 , Pully 93010202804 & V belt 99919217650.

Porsche 911SC / Turbo (1978-1983) (SC)
Porsche 911SC / Turbo (1978-1983) (TURBO)
Porsche 911 Carrera / Turbo (1984-1986)
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