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Akrapovic Evolution Line Titanium Exhaust for Porsche 970 Panamera /S/4/4S

Akrapovic Evolution Line Titanium Exhaust.


Porsche 970 Panamera /S/4/4S 2009
Porsche 970 Panamera Turbo

Optional Extra Part
You can make this system valvetronic by using a Wireless Valvetronic Kit Part No. P-HF652
Allows the driver to choose between a sporty deep sound and a regular sound with a simple push of a button inside the car.

Mandatory Extra Part
Fitting Kit Part No. P-HF641. This fully titanium mandatory part is necessary for Panamera models for mounting the Evolution exhaust system. Easy to install and a perfect fit with the stock system.

We made no compromises when developing the new Evolution exhaust system for this four-door sporty limousine. This new aftermarket system is noticeably louder, with a deep and very aggressive sound, to fully express the racing-oriented nature of this exhaust, which is made from our proprietary titanium alloy.

This complete beautifully crafted titanium system consists of four round tail pipes, computer-optimized asymmetrical mufflers with a "dual mode" exhaust valve system, and a link pipe with a resonator to eliminate any chance of in-cabin droning.

When using the Akrapovic installation kit, the exhaust valves of the "dual mode" system can be fixed in open or closed position. To experience the full potential of the Evolution exhaust system, we developed an optional wireless control kit (Extra Optional Part). With a simple press of a button, the driver can close or open the flaps to choose between a loud racy sound or a quieter note for long-distance driving. When the valves are open the gas flow bypasses the mufflers.

This Evolution system not only transforms the Panamera's nature with a racing look and especially its sound, but also adds more power and torque, improves power distribution, and also helps reduce weight. The Evolution system is perfect and has a leak-free fit.

Please Note:
Akrapovic recommends remapping the ECU in order to prevent potential "check engine light" warning. signals.
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