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Agency Power lightweight crank pulley. Porsche 987 / 996

Agency Power Lightweight Crank Pulley for Porsche 987 Boxster 3.4L | 987 Cayman 3.4L | 996 Carrera 3.4L 99-01

Agency Power's lightweight crank pulley for the Porsche 987 Boxster/Cayman | 996 Carrera, normally aspirated engine, is the perfect bolt-on part to enhance the responsiveness and performance of your vehicle.

• Made in the USA, our CNC Machined pulley is made from Billet 6061 Aluminum modeled from the factory pulley and under sized to add power.
• The pulley is underdriven by 16% and is fully balanced for reliability and longevity.
• The design of the pulley incorporates 6 beefy spokes with chamfered edges to be lighter that stock.
• With less rotational weight, this means less load on the crank and more horsepower.
• Utilizing CAD design elements, the pulley was stress tested to ensure is strength in running upwards of 9000rpm.
• Where competitor pulleys have failed because of lack of material and attempts to cut weight, the Agency Power pulley has been thoroughly tested.
• Each pulley features a precision timing mark.
• Finished in our new smoke gray anodizing, each pulley has been laser engraved with our logo and part number.
• To ensure an easy install, the pulley includes the required belt to replace your stock one.
• Expect to have faster throttle response, quicker revs, and gain up to 7 horsepower with this light weight pulley kit!

Porsche 987 3.4L, 996/997 3.4L, and 986 3.2L up to 2008. (Does not fit 997S 3.8L, Turbo, GT3 or DFI cars)
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