615,59 € (TVA Incl.)

Additional Rear Main NO. 8 Bearing Seal and Housing. Porsche 986 Boxster / 996

Additional Rear Main Bearing Seal and Housing.


Porsche 986/987 Boxster 1997-2009
Porsche 996/997 1997-2009

Our team of technicians has developed a Rear Main Seal that corrects the notorious rear main oil leaks on the m96 and m97 engines. It has been developed to solve the twisting of the last journal of the crank shaft, reducing engine vibration and extending engine life. Prevent engine failure, by replacing your factory rear main seal with our upgraded rear main bearing seal and housing.

• prevents crank warping
• decreases engine vibrations
• prevents piston rod #6 failure
• extends engine life
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