3 713,15 € (TVA Incl.)

2.5QT Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit. Porsche 997 / 987 / 991 /981

2.5QT Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit inc. Pickup-Tube Extension for MY09+ 9A1 engines.

Fits all 2009 Gen 2 models and 991 and 981 cars

The LN Engineering 2.5 quart one-piece billet deep sump for the MY09 and later 9A1 DFI engine used in the Boxster, Cayman, and 911 models restores oil fill quantity to 9.5-10 quarts, cruicial for engines that see track use. More capacity means it takes longer for oil to get overheated and longer for oil to breakdown and shear out of grade, both are situations which can lead to increased wear or engine failure. Our billet 2.5 quart deep sump also adds a second drain plug to allow for faster and more complete draining of used engine oil at time of change. Kit also includes a pickup tube extension to ensure added oil can be utilized. Factory oil control baffle and oil level sender bolt on without modification, allowing for oil level to be properly set using the dash oil level interface.
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