369,84 € (TVA Incl.)

0.5QT Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit. Porsche 996 / 997

0.5QT Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit inc. Pickup-Tube Extension and Baffle Spacer. All kits include required hardware and sealants.

Fits all 1997-2008 M96 and M97 engines (not for GT2, GT3, or Turbo engines).

The LN Engineering 1/2 quart deep sump kit increases oil capacity, reducing the chances of oil starvation due to prolonged cornering, acceleration, and high speed operation during HPDE and Autocross events without sacrificing ground clearance and is considered effective on cars running factory approved N-spec tires. The LN Engineering 1/2 quart deep sump includes spacers for the factory oil control baffle as well as an extension for the oil pickup to ensure the added oil can be fully utilized. Fully compatible with the factory 996 skid plate. Experienced drivers or those running sticky tires (anything with a treadwear rating lower than found on N-spec tires) should consider a more proactive approach to preventing oil starvation with the installation of an Accusump system, 2 Quart Deep Sump, or Dual Tandem Oil Scavenge pumps.
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