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Power Maxed Frequent Use Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Power Maxed Frequent Use Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Our Alloy Wheel Cleaner has been formulated in conjunction with some of the world's best race teams.

It has been designed to give the cleaning power and the finish required by those with the highest standards. Frequent use acid free alloy wheel cleaner. Specifically formulated as a milder option than traditional acid when cleaning & degreasing wheels. Works by penetrating and breaking down soil particles on the wheel surface. Oil & grease dispersal properties will accelerate the cleaning process. Formulated as a frequent use wheel cleaner product. For persistent stains try our acidic formula alloy wheel cleaner stain & mark remover.

8226; Regular use non acidic<br />&
8226; Incredible Results Everytime
• Available in 2.5 & 5 Litre Concentrate

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Product is not classified as hazardous for use or for transportation purposes.
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