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Porsche Calendar 2020 'Spectrum'

Porsche Calendar 2020 'Spectrum'

Under the title 'Spectrum', the new 2020 Porsche Calendar features an exciting combination of colours to delight sports car enthusiasts.

The 13 motifs showcase the current models by artificially staging the vehicle exterior colours on the road and race track. The most important thing: pictorial elements in the paint colours of the vehicles were incorporated into the puristic backgrounds. The moods of the artificial stagings reflect the individual character of the vehicles and show how multifaceted sports car fascination can be.

For sports car fans who want to be inspired by the spectrum of enthusiasm on the road, the Porsche Calendar is available as a practical app with various calendar functions. Under 'Porsche Calendar', you will find the easy-to-use app in selected countries in the Apple App Store and GOOGLE® Play Store.

Made in Germany.

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The Porsche gift / collection range is subject to availability from the supplier and may take up to anything between 14 - 30 days for delivery if the item is not in stock in our supplier's warehouse.
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