113,38 € (IVA Incl.)

Charger / Battery Maintainer Original Porsche

Charger / Battery Maintainer Original Porsche

Provides more amps than the normal battery maintainer, enough to charge a battery and to deal with a high drain while the car is parked. Switches automatically from charging process to pulse maintenance. Plugs into the cigarette lighter.

Two settings :
0.8A for batteries up to 14Ah.
3.6A for batteries as from 14Ah.

Two options:
- European version 2 pin plug
- UK version 3 pin plug

Please note if your vehicle does not have a constant battery supply to the cigarette lighter you will need to purchase an extra adaptor (no. 95804490075) which connects direct to the battery.

Adaptor for charger (no. 95804490075) CLICK HERE
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